What a guy should wear on a first date

What a guy should wear on a first date

The first date is always an exciting and enjoyable event where it is important to make the right first impression. Contrary to popular belief, not only girls, but also guys should carefully select clothes, because all people appreciate appearance. What a man should wear to please a girl on a first date? What to choose and what outfits are best to avoid?

General recommendations

Here are some useful tips that will be appropriate in any situation:

1. Try to match your clothes in color. If you wear a pink shirt and green trousers, your chosen one is unlikely to appreciate such a bright image – most likely, you will look ridiculous.

2. Choose clothes of quality material. From the side will be noticeable both sweater with pills and stretched trousers. If you are not confident enough in the quality of your clothes and cannot afford an expensive suit, it is recommended that you wear new clothes.

3. Do not forget about accessories, because they are the ways to decorate even a boring look. It can be a stylish or classic watch, a leather belt or an expensive belt with an unusual buckle.

4. Consider the situation. If you come to an expensive restaurant in a tracksuit, and the girl is wearing an evening dress, your date is unlikely to continue.

Clothing options

A safe bet is a shirt and trousers (in a more informal style, trousers can be replaced with jeans). Such clothes will allow you to look perfect in any situation. The main thing is to iron your suit thoroughly and wear appropriate shoes in a classic or semi-athletic style.

A sweater and trousers are cool-weather styles that can be complemented by an elegant coat if you are going to the theater, or a puffer jacket if you are just going to the cinema or walking in the park.

Finally, for summer weather, light-colored jeans and a quality T-shirt, combined with trendy sneakers, are perfect. This style will make even an older man younger, give his image of carelessness and lightness.

What is not recommended to wear?

First of all – old clothes that are not suitable even for spending time at home. Throw away stretched and washed T-shirts, stretched pants, and sweaters. Such clothes will definitely not decorate you, but will create the impression of an untidy person who is indifferent to his appearance.

Tracksuit is another taboo (unless your date is a run in the park or a workout at the fitness club). It is recommended to leave such clothes for strictly defined occasions, even if they are of good quality. Finally, it is not advisable to wear short shorts on a date, even if it is too hot in summer. This style is only suitable for the beach. If you do not want to wear trousers, choose an elongated model of shorts that can be complemented by a plain T-shirt.

By following these rules, you will look great on your first date with a girl, are guaranteed to make a favorable impression on her and make an appointment next time.

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