5 topics for a first date with a guy

5 topics for a first date with a guy

Communication on the first date is a key factor in determining whether you continue dating. If during a meeting there are always awkward pauses, you are silent or frantically looking for something to ask a man, most likely you are not on the way. If the situation repeats with different guys, use universal topics that can always be discussed on a first date.

A conversation about pets

Discuss exactly how you care for your pets, share interesting facts or show funny videos, talk about the habits of a cat or a dog. If you or a man owns a rare exotic animal, the number of topics for discussion increases dramatically, because in this case, you can tell a lot of interesting things about the content, nutrition and habits of the pet.

Discussing things around you

In this case, it is advisable to go for a walk, to a beautiful place with picturesque nature and sights. Just make notes about the surrounding objects that you pass by (monument, cultural building or store). You will see that the other person will actively participate in the discussion, or maybe tell something interesting about the construction of this or that building, the person to whom the monument is dedicated.

Travel stories

If at least one of you loves to travel and have visited many countries, this is a great opportunity to share interesting facts. Tell what exactly you liked in another country, and what pushed you away, what sights do you remember, whether the mentality of people differs from the Russian-speaking population, whether there are any difficulties with understanding a foreign speech, a language barrier. Be sure to accompany your story with colourful photographs that you took while travelling. Rest assured that you can talk in this way for hours, without any awkward pauses.

A conversation about work

If you or the person you are talking to are workaholics, you will probably enjoy talking about career and professional achievements. This is especially true for those who have opened an unusual business or are a representative of an interesting profession. Share funny experiences that happened to you in the office, discuss colleagues and bosses, share your plans for work in the next five years. Please note that if you work for the same organization, you should not gossip about your colleagues to avoid unpleasant situations.

A conversation about movies

Many people follow the new releases, so you can easily devote a certain part of your date to your favourite directors, movie scenes, discussions of the advantages and disadvantages of a particular motion picture. By the way, it is at this stage that you can agree on a second date – a joint trip to the cinema.

Thus, finding a topic to discuss on a first date with a guy is not a problem. The main thing is to think in advance about what you will talk about, be active and give versatile, rather than monosyllabic, answers.

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