Manage communication with a guy in a chat

Manage communication with a guy in a chat

Communicate using the Internet will not surprise anyone. But it is not so easy when it comes to personal life. Getting to know people the network is easy, but to achieve what you want, to make communication long and enjoyable, you need to know some secrets. This is not about a bright appearance and a beautiful outfit that guys must pay attention to, but about behavior.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Ask interesting questions. Instead of the usual and very short “Hello”, you should start a conversation with a longer phrase. It may be a question about your favorite drink, you can suggest choosing one of two options (music, film, whatever). Such an original beginning will intrigue, and intrigue is the best way to attract and hold attention.

2. Make a compliment. It is not necessary to say something about the person, it is better to note some kind of his trait. This will demonstrate interest in the guy, he will be pleased. In general, positive emotions are the key to communication, so feel free to move on to the next tip.

3. Ask questions about pleasant moments. We are talking about memories. This will cause positive associations, as a result, the girl asking such questions will also be associated with something pleasant.

4. Do not be impatient. Questions need to wait for an answer, neither interrupt nor rush. Also, one should not ask too many questions, otherwise the interest will look as an obsession. Guys like to take the initiative, it is better to maintain the “illusion” that the initiative comes from him. If a young man is not in a hurry with answers, then it is easier to look for another interlocutor.

5. Maintain interest. All people like to talk about themselves, everyone is pleased with the attention to them. Therefore, you can ask a guy about his studies or work, hobbies, preferences. It is advisable to give a detailed answer or to ask additional questions.

6. Do not forget to answer. Of course, you want to be modest, seem mysterious. But if you want openness and real communication with a guy, then you need to answer his questions.

7. Cause emotions. If something or someone does not cause a person any feelings, then this is quickly forgotten. Therefore, a girl should evoke emotions in a guy. Communication should not be like an exchange of information.

8. Try a little flirt. Flirting is a hint of interest in a young man, but not an open demonstration of sexuality. It is rather a game: looks, gestures, conversations, intonation.

To make communication more interesting, it is important to pay attention to your appearance. This will give the guy a chance to compliment in response, ask questions about the girl’s interests.

And finally: you need to be selective, communicate only with those who are of interest. If you do not like a young man, then the best way is to change the partner.

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