5 rules of the first kiss with a girl

5 rules of the first kiss with a girl

Before the first kiss, each guy is a little nervous, because he wants the girl to be pleased and to expect a repetition. There are some simple rules on how not to spoil this moment.

Rule 1: Calm and without haste

The first kiss should not be too fast, you should not hurry, otherwise there is a chance to spoil the romantic moment. You can first touch the girl’s face or hair, her lips, and only then comes the turn of a direct kiss.

Crazy passion, which is so loved to show in films, with the first kiss is more likely to scare the girl. In addition, the couple does not yet know about each other’s preferences, so it is better to start with a leisurely ‘intelligence’.

Rule 2: A little variety

Kissing in one position, wielding only lips, is not too convenient, but you should not rush with bold experiments. You can kiss not only the lips, but the corner of the mouth, cheeks. It is also worth changing the angle of the head.

To avoid awkwardness, you can touch your foreheads or rub your noses lightly. A smile is provided, and this is the best way to avoid embarrassment.

Rule 3: Nice touch

When a person is worried, he usually does not know where to put his hands. The guy can put a hand on the girl’s face, gently touch her neck, hug her waist. Another option is to run your fingers through your hair. When kissing, stroking is quite appropriate, but they should be soft and non-aggressive: along the hair, back, shoulders, face.

Before a kiss, you can stroke your hands: palms and fingers are also a very sensitive part of the body. In general, rapprochement is easiest to start with a touch of the palms. To keep your hands free, do not go on a date with a bag, etc.

Rule 4: Do not rush

No matter how you want to demonstrate your temperament or experience, do not rush with the first kiss. The ‘with tongue’ options are best left for later, and limited to soft touches of the lips.

Sensuality can be emphasized by touching the hands, hugs, but within the limits of decency. In order not to scare away the girl, do not touch intimate places.

Rule 5: Take a pause

No matter how pleasant the first kiss may be, it should not be made too long. Firstly, there will be no air. Secondly, it is important to evaluate the response of the partner. It is enough to move the face only a few centimeters, it is no longer necessary to maintain the intimacy of the moment. After that, look into the eyes, smile softly.

The first kiss scares many, but it is not so scary from the technical point of view. All problems are in the head, so you need to prepare mentally. To defuse the situation, it is better to talk about something, to joke. It is also worth choosing a place where no one interferes, does not spoil this pleasant moment.

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