How to find a guy from Europe?

How to find a guy from Europe?

Despite the fact that the 1990s have already passed, many girls still dream of marrying a foreigner who would take them to another country with a higher standard of living. How to find such a partner if regular travels are too expensive for you?

Communication in the virtual world

Of course, you can visit the numerous dating sites created specifically for communicating with foreigners, but you should be prepared to face fraud and paid services. If you want a interesting dialogue, pay attention to chat-roulettes, where communication takes place with random people in a video mode. Thanks to this format, you will see a man, and you will be able to evaluate his appearance, voice, manners and gestures.

Learn the language

Of course, learning the languages ​​of all European countries is not necessary, but you must know English. It is an international language spoken by most Europeans. Remember that you are unlikely to be able to talk freely with a foreigner using an automatic translator – more complex phrases simply will not be understood. Chat-roulette with a webcam is an excellent opportunity for you to train your skills. There is nothing but good practice and people who want to talk to you.

Learn the mentality of Europeans

Features of character and temperament, cultural characteristics of Europeans differ from Russian. Be prepared for the fact that the European advocates for the equal rights and duties of men and women, do not think that a girl should be paid in a restaurant. But such men would be happy to share household chores. Do not forget about the religious characteristics of representatives of different countries. If you meet a believer, you must respect his beliefs.

Take the initiative

This item follows from the previous one. If in Russia, most men are used to giving the girl constant signs of attention, even if she behaves indifferently, in Europe guys will not aggressively write to a woman if she does not show a desire. That is why do not be afraid to write and call first, to find out how your interlocutor is doing, to come up with interesting initiatives.

Identify your dating goals right away

If your goal is a serious relationship with a subsequent marriage and a full family, it is recommended to indicate this in the questionnaire or immediately make it clear to the interlocutor. You should not indicate information about the desired financial situation of the partner, because such spirit can push Europeans away.

Thus, communication with foreigners from Europe is a great chance not only to improve your foreign language, but also to find a partner who can become your soulmate in reality.

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