The best compliments for online communication

The best compliments for online communication

It is clear that online communication has long shifted to abbreviated words. It is easier and more convenient. Therefore, some beautiful compliments are the lot of true romantics.

Today we will try to find the best compliments for online communication in a couple of minutes, which should leave a pleasant aftertaste. And the one who made this compliment, and the one who received it.

On the other hand, we tried to make a simple list of the best compliments, but we strongly recommend that you make a bit of imagination yourself to come up with something unique. Believe me, the game will be worthy, and you will become a real gentleman, or a true lady in a relationship with a stranger.

Pay attention to everything that your eye can catch on. Get ready for communication, do not be spontaneous. Look at the open photos, pay attention to the places visited by the person you like, maybe notice his hobby. In the end, try to highlight some unique facial features.

Best compliments to the girl:

1. Hello! I am collecting material for my book. Tell me how it feels to be so pretty

2. I am sure that if I were as beautiful a girl as you, I would definitely date myself.

3. Why do you have such a happy … nose on your avatar?

4. You are so beautiful.

5. I stared at your profile photos for a long time. Tell me, do you believe in love from the tenth sight?

6. I am a professional adjuster of plans for the evening. The first time I plan for free.

7. Bet a thousand that you will refuse if I invite you on a date?

8. Hello! Need your help. Tomorrow is an important day, and I am afraid to oversleep. Please wake me up at … hours. Here is my number: …

For a long time it is not a bad idea for a girl to get acquainted with a guy first. Here are some quite effective compliments to start communication (go for it and come up with your own original approaches):

1. Wow, how muscular, athletic you are. Straight very erotic!

2. If you have not noticed me at first sight, I am ready to give you another chance.

3. I think you have a million cool stories in store for me. I am listening …

4. (It is advisable to start the conversation first). Wow, how persistent you are. It is hard for me to resist.

5. Maybe it is enough to like each other’s photos. Let’s talk!

6. It seems that I am very lucky, since I came across you so quickly.

7. I really need your help. Tell me what to do in such a situation … (for example, what to wear tomorrow for a walk, what movie to watch, etc.). At the same time, you can appoint a date with just a couple of phrases.

8. I want to hear your voice!

We are sure that thanks to such simple ways to diversify communication, you will definitely stand out in the crowd. Your interlocutor will notice your diligence and, who knows, probably wants to continue acquaintance.

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