How to flirt

How to flirt

The relationship between men and women has a thousand-year history. Flirt is the same age. It is hard to imagine a man and woman chatting without flirting. Between happy and mutually interesting people there always arises a certain attraction, which is accompanied by flirting.

What can be called flirting? Flirting is a special set of gestures, words and a way of behavior with which a man or a woman is covered, or openly expresses love to a representative of the opposite sex.

What you should know about flirting:

· Firstly, flirting between a man and a woman does not oblige both parties to anything;

· Flirting can end with anything and in this list friendship, love, romance or sex, pleasant memories;

· A serious obstacle to flirting can be the fear of rejection, which very often does not allow a guy or a girl to reach such a relationship.

Good flirt tips

Flirting is a special mood and positive emotions. Flirt gives you the opportunity to feel more confident. Flirting is not a character trait. For most people, for successful flirting you have to practice it more often.

Here are some tips to make your flirtation more successful:

· It is worth flirting with a good and positive mood. Confidence, the ability to experiment and the absence of a fear of risk are characteristic of flirting people. One of the main rules of flirting is to do everything with a positive attitude;

· The easiest way to flirt is to start a conversation. It is the simplest and at the same time the most difficult thing to do, since many people find it difficult to speak with a stranger. However, it must be done and the easiest way to start a conversation with simple and banal things;

· Humor in communication and flirting is an irreplaceable thing. Interesting and witty jokes will help to present you in a favorable light. In addition, the ability to be confident and behave at ease is important;

· An effective step for successful flirting is the use of various accessories. It can be an interesting perfume or catchy tie, a t-shirt with a curious print or a hat;

· At any event, whether it is a party, or a corporate party, behave at ease;

· The initiative in flirting belongs to those who are not afraid to take first steps. Do not wait for someone to choose you, take the first steps yourself. Come and say ‘hello’, make eye contact and make compliments;

· Flirting is important not only the ability to speak beautifully and talk a lot, giving out compliments. Equally important is the ability to listen;

· Eye contact is very important, but it should not turn into drilling a flirting object with your eyes. The look should be friendly, pleasant and stress-free;

· Listening to and accepting compliments is pleasant for both men and women. Compliments are important attributes of flirting. Compliments will have the proper result if they are sincere. In addition, a gloomy person is not interesting to anyone, so smile openly and kindly.

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