How to flirt with a guy

How to flirt with a guy

The art of flirting is available to any girl. Some girls possess these skills by nature on an intuitive level. Others learn to practice flirting skills in practice. In any case, most girls tend to flirt with guys and this is a natural desire.

You can learn to flirt, you can practice flirting, you can get great pleasure from flirting. At the same time, for successful flirting, a girl must be self-confident, have a positive mood and at least have a little sympathy for the object of female flirting.

Varieties of female flirting

Flirting with a guy, a girl is obliged to show signs of attention to the guy. Actions that are aimed at attracting the attention of a guy you like can be divided into several groups:

· Visual actions. They include constant visual contact with the guy. Moreover, the look should be focused. In addition, you should smile;

· Tactile contacts. Important actions are accidental touches in the process of communication or, for example, friendly handshakes;

· Upholding of common interests. The same group includes solving joint problems or joy in achieving common results;

· Flirt on social networks, chat rooms or in the process of correspondence.

How to flirt with a guy? Some tips:

If you like a certain guy and you want to communicate with him, then you should make it clear to him that you are interested in a relationship with him. You can formulate some tips for girls on how to flirt with guys:

· Modest smile and slight uncertainty. Most guys like smiling girls. At the same time, you should not be bold and harsh in answers; not everyone likes these girls;

· Guys like to be praised. They like to receive compliments. If you guys like a trait – be sure to tell him about it;

· When communicating with a guy you like, look him in the eye and smile more often. Such visual contact is remembered for a long time, and a smile makes a person more attractive and friendly;

· Body language is very important for flirting. You can be silent, but your body language can speak. There are several movements that can say a lot. For example, arms crossed indicate that you are nervous and subconsciously the guy perceives you as inaccessible and closed. Shaking hair or playing with your jewelry can be considered a sign of flirting;

· If you flirt with a certain guy, then try to intersect with him more often. It can be different places, sometimes the most unusual. For example, it can be a sporting event or a park where you walk with your dog;

· Appearance is very important for the girl, because she should look one hundred percent. Your appearance should be tidy. You should have clean and good-smelling hair, and the hair should be neat. Clothing should be clean and stylish and show your beautiful figure.

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