Rules of communication in Chatroulette

Rules of communication in Chatroulette

Chatroulette is an online video chat that randomly connects people from all over the world. For millions of users, the resource has become a place where you can spend time usefully, meet interesting people, improve your knowledge of a foreign language and just relax in a virtual world, distracting from real problems.

In order to make communication as comfortable and pleasant as possible, the service administrators made the rules in Chatroulette. Their strict adherence is the main condition that allows you to use the service and look for interlocutors.

The rules of communication in Chatroulette

Chatroulette forbids:

  1. Aggressive communication.

The conversation of all chat participants is based on respect of the interlocutors to each other and a benevolent attitude. Therefore, in Chatroulette it is categorically impossible:

  • to insult the interlocutor and to be rude.
  • to humiliate human dignity and make fun of people.
  • to make obscene offers.
  • to hold conversations on frank topics if the person you are talking to does not want to support them.
  1. Vulgar and inappropriate behavior.

Chatroulette guests should be fully dressed while chatting. It is unacceptable to be naked, to demonstrate naked parts of the body or to have a conversation in underwear. The ban is imposed for requests to undress or show naked parts of the body and for offers of virtual sex. The webcam should be aimed only at the face.

How to communicate in Chatroulette

The rules of etiquette in the virtual world should be followed in the same way as during a conversation in reality. The following tips will help you to look worthy in the eyes of the interlocutor and create only a positive impression after talking to you:

  • take your upcoming communication seriously. Make sure your appearance and surroundings look perfect. Before you enter the chat, put on good clothes.
  • be friendly to any interlocutor and treat him/her with respect, even if he/she was not interested in you. During the dialogue, smile as often as possible. Remember that on the other side of the screen sits exactly the same person as you. Therefore, treat him/her the way you want to be treated in this chat.

Normal, human communication is impossible without Chatroulette’s rules of communication. Therefore, if you ever come across inadequate people, then do not rush to get upset. Just close the window. Chatroulette has a lot of sincere and polite users who follow the rules and hope to communicate with the same adequate person as they are.

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