5 mistakes in online communication

5 mistakes in online communication

People today often do not have enough time for communication. The solution to this problem is the Internet. Today, there are a lot of different possibilities in the Internet for discussing interesting topics that interest a lot of people. There are also services that can provide a way of communication that is very similar to real communication with a stranger.

A chat-roulette is a real service of communication with strangers

Among other things, a video chat is a service that creates a feeling of real communication with a stranger. You can see your interlocutor. A microphone allows you to hear voices.

The most interesting way of a video chat is a chat-roulette. What is a chat-roulette? Probably a lot of people know what roulette is. As you know, it gives you the opportunity to get a random number. In the case of a chat-roulette, almost the same thing happens. The difference is that the chat-roulette allows the user to get random interlocutor for communication. Click on the ‘Start’ button and get the interlocutor. If the person is not interesting for you or does not suit for other reasons, press the button and select the next one.

How to behave in a chat-roulette

The main advantage of the chat-roulette is its main disadvantage at the same time. The main principle of the chat-roulette is communication with a completely random partner. The problem is that you cannot meet the person again and, if you like the person, but you behave incorrectly, it will be difficult to continue communication.

Therefore, if you understand that the interlocutor suits you, you have to avoid making serious mistakes.

There are some mistakes that can harm your online communication:

  • communicating with a stranger, you do not have to be. You have to relax and try to get pleasure from communication. When you are nervous, people feel this and can make wrong conclusions about you;
  • communicating with a random interlocutor you should not ask too many personal questions. Such a date can turn into an interrogation. Therefore, instead of plenty of questions, it is better to tell a couple of interesting stories;
  • when you are trying to impress your interlocutor, a lot of people recognize this and it does not works;
  • do not talk too fast. You should be able not only to speak, but also to listen;
  • do not be predictable. Predictability is boredom. Few people love boring interlocutors.


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