Customer reviews HDTV low noise preamps
Research Communications Ltd

I get excellent digital reception, even for propagation paths of 110 miles or
more. Also your LNA digs out the weak signals in the presence of very strong
nearby digital TV towers, while other pre-amplifiers have failed under this
condition. (Robert R. USA)

I just wanted to get back to you guys to tell you that the UHF TV pre-amp I
bought from you works extremely well and may have saved my marriage!  I
had been using a competitor's preamp (Channel Master Titan CM-7777) and
our local CBS affiliate (broadcasting on UHF channel 46) was unwatchable
(more cut-out then cut-in...)  But now, with your pre-amp, the picture and
sound are solid, all the time, without any drop-outs.
I'm holding a BSEE degree and have worked as an RF Engineer for many years.
 Until I found your product, my wife couldn't understand why it was that I, a
radio frequency engineer, couldn't fix the issue and provide her a way to watch
CBS.  It was a very difficult situation....
In the name of domestic tranquility, I can't thank you enough! (Gene F. USA)

July 2009 - I installed my new 9261 PHEMT LNA at the weekend and I am
delighted with the results. I am using it mounted at the masthead with an
Antiference XG16BK antenna which covers the new USA DTV frequency plan
(CH 14-51). Results are amazing, from my home in San Diego I can see 68
digital channels from Los Angeles (100+ miles away) and with a slight change
in antenna direction signals from Santa Barbara over the horizon (200+miles
away). With this amplifier you improve your NF by a good 10-12dB over the
non amplified case and you can reach close to the theoretical reception limit.
Excellent product - fully recommended. (Brian R. J. USA)

We installed your UHF amp yesterday and were pleased with the results. We
had been using a Channel Master amp, which did a very credible job, but your
product is simply more effective. After losing several channels with the
analog-to-digital switch in the U.S., your amp brought 5 ofthem back. In fact,
we're now getting a channel that we never saw before. Your product has
helped us expand our channel menu significantly. We're getting near 90%
saturation levels from a few stations that didn't even show up before we had
your preamp. Last night we were watching a program from 109 miles away!
(Jon P. USA)

I immediately installed the amplifier at my attic-mounted antenna. The signal
strength as indicated by my television went from ~80% to 100% for all digital
channels. No more occasional TV audio drop outs, and my FM radio reception is
fantastic. (Steve M. USA)

I am quite happy with the preamp. Very very high quality, excellent reception
due to the lowest possible noise figure. I have 95% success in receiving Ch 13
at 41 miles away with a 2-edge reception and severe multipath. With the
CM7777, I couldn't even get a digital lock on it.

Pleased to advise that the LNA has arrived and has made a  tremendous
difference to my received signal. My HD TV is now  watchable.

I've finally tested the 9254 preamplifier with digital television, full success: - we
get all the French channels now (in stead of half of them before)- we also get
all the Swiss channels (none before).

I received the 9253 yesterday.  I must say that so far it is working

It made a significantimprovement, and I am now receiving perfect pictures on
all analogue
channels and only very occasional picture break-up on digital channels.

The preamp made a great improvement in quality of the received signals.

I was able to receive one channel that is running on low power with the
transmitting antenna mounted half way up on the tower about 90 air miles

I got this installed a few weeks ago. It made a huge difference. All our digital
UHF stations are 100-140 km from us. They all come in perfect with no drop

Everything works great!! I can pick up HD signals from up to 70 miles away!
I received the preamp system on March 31st. It was well packed  and I was
able to install in early April. I waited about a month before writing you this
thank you note. I wanted to be sure that the system got a good testing before
I let you know what I think of it.  
The preamp is wonderful. I use a large vhf/uhf antenna and a UHF antenna.
The preamp is hooked up to the UHF antenna and I can rotate the system in all
directions. Your preamp works great I can get over 50 HDTV channels with it.I
can only get 38 with the other antenna and a different preamp. I have also
almost no problems with HDTV breakup or overload. Thanks again.

Preamp arrived today, works fine - super... Thank you.

I have only tested two (2) of the preamplifiers to date.  The units performed
well enough to allow good reception (not perfect reception) of three TV
stations which previously had only fair reception.  This increases the number of
truly watchable UHF stations to 9 of 24 detectable stations, in a bad location,
with a Winegard 9885 antenna and a Channel Plus model DA-500A distribution
amplifier.  The distribution amplifier which has a quoted noise figure of 5.5 dB,
a gain of 18 +/- 1.5 dB from 50 to 1000 MHz and a maximum output of 55
dBmV, is followed by a 4-way splitter.  Previously, using a Winegard AC-4990
preamplifier the listed antenna and distribution amplifier, there were 6 truly
watchable stations out of 22 detectable.  Considering that the Channel Plus
distribution amplifier contributes enough noise to increase the effective noise
figure to approximately 1.3 dB, also considering cross modulation distortion in
the Channel Plus amplifier combined with selectivity limitations of the TV tuners,
the performance is impressive.  Thank you.